Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Road to Feminism

Note: This blog is only my opinion, and is not intended to limit or devalue anyone's right to their own beliefs.

It never crossed my mind as I entered into physical transition, that my views would become so changed. Many of my core beliefs have been cast aside and replaced with completely new ones. In no arena is that more true than in my understanding of how our world is set up to sustain male dominance.

From advertising to the Bible, and from birth, we are programmed to believe this is the natural order of things. It is the ultimate brainwash. It is no more true than the idea that the sun rises in the west.

Let me be clear. I don't think all men believe they are superior to women. I don't even think that a lot of men believe that. I think that most human beings don't realize how significantly the world is set up to promte discrimination against women. The reason I think this, is because I have seen the world from both sides of the fence.

I have watched the value of my opinion become less as I am now seen as a woman. I have heard the words spoken in men's locker rooms and women's restrooms. I have found it necessary to examine the ways in which I participated, unknowingly, before I watched my status decrease in front of my very eyes.

I have become a feminist. Not the "I want to wear the pants" kind of feminist - if there is such a thing. The "I am not less valid today just because I live as a woman" kind of feminist.

My understanding of nearly everything has changed through my transition. My understanding of God is so totally related to my feminism. You see, I was one of those "guys" who frowned when a woman would say (about God), "or she or it", when she heard someone refer to God in the masculine.

It was simply true. The all powerful being just had to be male. In my studies of Social Work, this is called a "mechanism of oppression". Of course men are dominant. Of course men are more worthy. After all, God is a man too.

I simply can not believe in a God that is limited by gender anymore. I have come to understand that gender is a human construct, and a human limitation, neither of which are relevant to God.

Alas, I have become one of those women who say, "or she or it", when I hear someone refer to God in the masculine. And I occassionally see a man frown. How dare I question the natural order of male supremacy in the universe?

How dare I? How dare I? How dare I not?

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