Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Godless Religious Right

The people who throw around hate in the name of God, do not know God. They do not represent God. They do not pray to God. What they are really praying to, is their own twisted mentality.

They pray for destruction of God's own creation. They might as well be praying for the destruction of all the world. For the destruction of God.

The notion that lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender people are not of God, is insulting to God. The religious right has placed hate where they claim God to be. Indeed, they have become godless in their pursuit of discrimination and judgement. Setting themselves up as the gatekeepers of Heaven. Telling God's own children that there is no place for them in God's love.

It is not God who fails us. It is people who assume the place of God who viscously attack us. Sin, I have heard it said, is putting anything between yourself and God. Perhaps a more egregious sin, is putting anything between God and someone else.

Yet, I must remember, it is not my place to judge them. On the other hand, I am not asking for their civil rights to be taken away. I am not claiming they will burn in hell. I am not saying that God doesn't love them.

I am asking them to stop pushing our LGBT children away from God. To stop pushing our LGBT children into suicide.

The religious right is godless. There is no other explanation. The time is come for the truth to be told.

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