Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just What Kind of Tour?

Four hard hot days. Hoping that just one person would be helped. One set of eyes opened.

Amazing discoveries of self, life, people, and God.

The story behind the story is that among the wonderful Facebook posts of well wishes, were the horrifying posts about Sam Brownback's promotion of marriage, as he sees it.

The public denial of the humanity of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender people as having the right to love, or the love to parent.

The things that have been done by Sam Brownback in the name of Christian values, are more comparable to Nazi death camps. The deliberate public proclamation that a group of human beings is not human, is a statement in the likeness of Adolph Hitler, not in the likeness of Jesus.

Yet I witnessed the eyes of Kansans as I spoke the word, transgender. Reactions of fear, empathy, anger, contemplation, and love. Mostly a recognition of human value.

Just what kind of tour was it?

I am changed. Exactly how is yet to be discovered. I can only pray that I am changed in the way God would have me change.

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